ARC Utilities

CL.ZIP (1.5 K) -- Fix label errors


CL.SML automatically fixes label errors in CLEANed and BUILDed coverages by regenerating labels for all polygons, relinking the attributes properly, and clearing any attribute values in the universe polygon. Warning: do not use in coverages where label points have been manually placed for specific purposes (e.g. for LABELTEXT in plots).

DISP.ZIP (1.6 K) -- Set the graphic display


DISP sets DISPLAY 4 1 24 and DISP5 sets DISPLAY 4 5 24, repositioning the graphic and text windows so that they don't overlap. Q quits the current program and restores the former window positions; it also restores window positions at the ARC prompt if the user has already QUIT the program.

SCRATCH.ZIP (1.3 K) -- Create unique name for file, directory, table, or attribute field.


Routine SCRATCHN emulates Host ARC/INFO's AML [SCRATCHNAME] function. Routine SCRATCHI creates a unique attribute item name for the current table in TABLES. Both routine files are intended to be embedded in other applications.

SYSPROGR.SML (0.4 K) -- Return current program


SYSPROGR.SML in the "SML Developer's Toolkit" included with PC ARC/INFO 3.5.X will not work. Use this routine instead.

DC.ZIP (81.5K) -- Batch DLG conversion routines

3/19/97 -- updated to build appropriate topology and join DLG items to attribute files.

USGS DLG files are available free through the Internet. DC.SML uses GZIP.EXE and PARS.EXE to perform batch decompression, parsing, and import of .GZ files into PC ARC/INFO coverages. DC.TXT also contains addresses for 1:100,000 DLG library access either through FTP or a Web browser.

MOSS.ZIP (2.9K) -- Batch MOSS conversion routines

3/19/97 -- updated for 3.5.X

Are you frustrated that MOSSARC and ARCMOSS don't support a y shift? Until they do, here's a quick fix that will allow you to make batch conversions with a y shift.

Event feature generator

[See Faking Dynamic Segmentation under ArcTips.]

UNIX.ZIP (0.9K) -- Batch convert UNIX and DOS files


Includes two batch files, U2D.BAT and D2U.BAT, which apply UNIX2DOS and DOS2UNIX to wildcard specifications.

Customizing the ARC session

[See Customizing PC A/I 3.5 under ArcTips.]

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