Using Windows Fonts

Textset files may be modified to utilize Windows fonts by increasing the width of the FONT item (e.g. to 6 N) of TXT.DBF. Font numbers may then be determined for the desired font using the Options|Fonts menu on the Display Window (or type "WIN EXEC 9" at the command prompt):

Fonts Dialog Box

Note that the number of the font selected by WIN EXEC 9 will be passed to SML variable 1, which in ARCPLOTW may be applied to the TEXTFONT command:

[WARNING: Font numbers vary depending on the fonts which have been installed. If you install or remove any fonts, you should always recheck your assignments.]

For a sample Windows font textset file, click HERE. To download FONT.SML, click HERE.

To use the sample Windows font textset file, create a FONT subdirectory in \ARCEXE\SYMBOLS and copy TXT.DBF to it. Then, when in ARCEDITW or ARCPLOTW, issue the textset FONT.TXT command. To test FONT.TXT in ARCPLOTW, use the Windows Control Panel to set the printer/plotter for 8.5x11 Portrait and then run FONT.SML as follows:

DISP 4 5 24

FONT.TXT uses fonts -991, -992, and -995. Note that while these font numbers are considered "hardware independent", the results may still vary from system to system because Windows searches for the nearest "equivalent" font.

The text symbols are as follows:

Appearance          Black    Red  Green   Blue

Roman, Normal           1      2      3      4
Roman, Italic           5      6      7      8
Roman, Bold             9     10     11     12
Swiss, Normal          13     14     15     16
Swiss, Bold            17     18     19     20
Decorative, Normal     21     22     23     24
Roman, Symbol          25     26     27     28
Decorative, Symbol     29     30     31     32
Also, PC ARC/INFO 3.5.X comes with a Windows textset file: TRUETYPE.TXT.

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