Automating TABLES

Database programs such as dBASE and Paradox allow the automated processing of tables one record at a time. This is also possible in TABLES using SML (for a series of introductory and advanced articles on SML programming, see "SML Programming" under ArcTips). For example, let's imagine a table named TABLE1 which has an item named CODE; values in item CODE have the format "1234-5678". The following SML, when executed in TABLES, will remove the hyphen from each entry, resulting in the format "12345678":

&rem **** extract number of records

&value -19 WKSP
&openw %-19t$dir.lis
&open %-19t$dir.lis error
&read -1 error
&read -1 error
&extract -11 -1 2
& DEL %-19t$dir.lis


&rem **** set up cursor loop

&sv -9 1
&label while
   RES $RECNO IN {%-9}
   &value -2 -1 1 %
   &value -3 -1 %
   &sv -4 %-2%-3
   MOVE '%-4' TO CODE
   &cv -9 %-9 + 1
   &goback while &if &rn %-9 1 %-11
&label end

&rem **** I/O error trap

&label error
&type "I/O Error"
In the first part of the routine, the total number of records is determined by reading a DIR entry for TABLE1. TABLE1 is then selected, and each record reselected by $RECNO. The SML variable -1 is set equal to the value of CODE. Variable -4 is set equal to the value without the hyphen, and that value is substituted back into CODE.

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