Stream Ordering Utility

To create standalone SML files, unzip and compile it at an ARC or DOS prompt:

compsml st_order n
Routine "st_order" may be executed in ARCPLOT/W to calculate the stream order of an arc coverage.
Usage: &r ST_ORDER [cover] [order_item] {SHREVE/STRAHLER}
By default, Shreve's method is used:



In order for the routine to work, certain conditions must be met:

  1. The coverage has clean arc and node topology (no overlaps)
  2. Every arc's to_node is downstream from its from_node
  3. The only dangling from_nodes are on order 1 streams
  4. The only dangling to_node is on the arc furthest downstream
  5. No braids or splits exist
  6. The arc furthest downstream has its order set to -1
  7. All other arcs have their order set to some other value
If a steam has a split or braid, the routine won't blow up, but it will most likely lead to undesirable results: