Warning: I will be ending support for ArcReader after ArcGIS 10.x. Consider migrating to ArcGIS Runtime instead.

GPS_LAYER_AND_ADDIN_10.3.ZIP (138K) -- Custom GPS layer for ArcReader

2015-03-25 - Win64 registry file added to 10.3 version.

Click HERE for 10.2, HERE for 10.1 and HERE for 10.0 versions.

Click HERE for the latest FAQ.

GPSLayer is a custom layer component which will read points from a NMEA-0183 compliant (assumes 4800 baud) GPS collector and display them on the map. When added to a map document in ArcMap, the layer may be published to a PMF for use in ArcReader. Zip file includes a setup to install the layer and an ArcMap add-in to add it to a map document. For source code of the application, click HERE for 10.3, HERE for 10.1, and HERE for 10.0.

TESTAPP_VS2008.ZIP (415K) -- Using ArcObjects in ArcReader

2010-08-19 - is replaced with an ArcMap add-in

A custom COM object may be persisted in a PMF, allowing access to a great deal of ArcObjects functionality otherwise unavailable in ArcReader. Communication with the custom object may be accomplished via Windows messaging. This sample code, updated for ArcGIS 10, is originally from a presentation given at the Northern Arizona GIS user group.

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