ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight (3.2)

NAVADDIN.ZIP (17K) -- Navigation Add-In

2015-01-27 Update: Support added for single-point pan and zoom

Functionality includes: zoom in, zoom out, pan, zoom previous, zoom next, zoom full, custom mouse cursor support, and tool manager. Click here for source code.

QUERYADDIN.ZIP (251K) -- Query Add-In

2015-01-27 Update: Improvements to Identify, Find, and Measure

Functionality includes: ArcMap-style Identify, Find, GoToXY, Measure, and Highlight/Erase tools. Requires Navigation Add-In (above). Supports dynamic map layers, feature layers, and group layers. Click here for source code.

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ArcGIS API for Silverlight

(ArcGIS API 2.0, Silverlight 4 - No longer supported)

UNBLENDED_VS2010.ZIP (187K) -- "UnBlended" Application Templates

Version 1.1

2010-11-05 Update: Improved MouseCursor behavior.

These VB and C# application templates, developed using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, provide a number of classes and styles allowing some application behavior not found in out-of-the-box Silverlight classes, without any requirement for Expression Blend.

Zip file contains two VS project templates - place the two zip files in your Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Web Developer directory and the templates will appear when you create a new project. Just build and go!

Functionality includes:

PDFEXPORTER_CS.ZIP (9K) -- PDF Exporter Class

Version 2.0 - 2010-11-08 Supports two-stage export (C# only, sorry!)

This class exports a Map control and selected UIElements (e.g. a scalebar) to PDF. A reference to silverPDF is required (see for download).

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