Old AV 3.0 Utilities

STRIPPER.AVE (2.5K) -- Convert 3.2 or 3.1 project file to 3.0a


"Stripper" should strip the most obnoxious grunge from a 3.2/3.1 project file and make it compatible with 3.0x. First of all, it strips all DocAct and PanMgr objects from a project file if it doesn't depend on the Dialog Designer extension. Also, if the GUI has been customized or updated for 3.1, it will delete incompatible update script references so that the project won't nag you with "script not found" errors every time you open it or a document in it. It won't remove the controls themselves, but you may remove them manually (e.g. by clicking the reset button in the customize dialog box).

NOTE: This script does not convert the current project, nor is it meant to be run on projects that contain it. All you have to do is open a new project, load the script, compile it, and run it. It's that easy!

DBTOUCH.ZIP (15K) -- Alter Y2K .dbf timestamp


ArcView 3.0a will not read dBASE (.dbf) files that have a year value of 0 in byte 1 of the file header. This can be caused by various software including ArcView's IMPORT and MIFSHAPE utilities. DBTOUCH.EXE, executable at an MS-DOS command prompt, will fix the time stamp to make the file compatible (this is not an issue with ArcView 3.1 or 3.2).

Other Oldies

BOXLABEL.TXT (2.7K) -- Auto-label with Boxes


This really has been obsolete ever since the labeling extension, avlabel.avx, came out.

BUFFER.TXT (5.7K) -- Buffer selected features

4/9/98: Modified to unproject buffers in projected view

(Obsolete since 3.1's geoprocessing wizard.) Buffer selected features. This routine is a rewrite of the sample script "buffer.ave", included with AV3.0 -- this rewrite saves the resulting buffer to a shapefile. Includes instructions.

DRAWGRID.AVE (4.0K) -- Draws Coordinate Grid with Labels


AV 3.1's measured grid extension is a much better tool than it was in 3.0, so this routine is obsolete. You can still click HERE for a sample front end. Also, you can click HERE for a version that draws grids on view frames in layouts.

EDTOOLS.ZIP (61.4K) -- A set of tools for editing features

3/11/99 Bugfix: negative offset values now work for measure function.

This extension brings together and adds a number of useful functions. Many functions may be applied to a duplicate feature: e.g. offsetting a duplicate is equivalent to AutoCAD's "Copy Offset" function. More features may be added in the future. For documentation, click HERE.

NADCON.ZIP (269K) -- NADCON Extension


Rendered obsolete by 3.2's projection utility, this extension is an implementation of NOAA's NADCON program for conversion of NAD27 lat/long data to NAD83 and vice versa. Includes grid data for the conterminous United States. For documentation, click HERE.

SORTTAB.ZIP (3.8K) -- Sort on Multiple Columns

4/20/99: Uses improved QSort

Sorts a Table document by one or more columns. Each column may be sorted in ascending or descending order. Because the script adds a temporary sort field, the underlying VTab must be editable.

VEDIT.ZIP (12K) -- Vector Symbol Editor Extension

9/1/98: Works in both ArcView 3.0a/b and 3.1, and supports new 3.1 symbol classes.

Allows you to edit a pen, vector fill, or vector marker or add a new one. Useful for reducing the pen thickness of existing fills. You can also create and edit composite symbols (e.g. "railroad" lines). Supports multiple color locking. Also has controls to delete, purge, or rearrange symbols in palettes. For documentation, click HERE.

VF_CROPPER.ZIP (3.5K) -- ViewFrame Cropper Extension


Simplifies a ViewFrame and crops the resulting graphics and text to a specified polygon, circle, or rect. Optionally rotates before cropping. See the README.TXT file for notes, limitations, and tips.

DEFAULT.ZIP (16.6K) -- Customized default.apr (Ver 3.0)


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