AVIdris Documentation

11/24/98 bugfix: all 786 bytes of .SMP files read (rather than 768)

Note: The AVIdris extension will only work in ArcView versions 3.1 or greater, because of its dependence on the ImgDLL class.
Click HERE for notes on Idrisi32 compatibility.

Avidris.zip contains two files essential for the extension to work: avidris.avx should be placed in ArcView's EXT32 directory, and avidris.dll should be placed in ArcView's BIN32 directory. The remaining files comprise the C++ source code for the DLL and also the AV project file used to create the extension itself. Programmers are welcome to adapt the code to their own purposes. Because I was unable to locate any appropriate coding examples, my own approach was made up out of thin air; any "pointers" ;-) or advice from others on improving my code would be appreciated!

AVIdris allows the display of Idrisi images in ArcView. Byte, integer, and real data types are supported. Binary and packed binary (not ASCII) file types are supported. AVIdris assumes the default ".IMG" file extension for Idrisi images and ".DOC" for documentation files—if you wish to use different extensions, you will need to edit and recompile the code for the DLL and AVX files.

By default, images are displayed in gray scale. If a palette (.SMP or .PAL) file is present with the same name as an image, the image will be displayed using that color scheme. As with the Display Launcher in Idrisi, integer and real images are scaled to 0-255; if an SMP palette file is present, the lower and upper autoscale limit values will be used for scaling.


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