Profiler Documentation

Profiler.avx requires the Spatial Analyst extension. The file "avdlog.dll" must be present in ArcView's BIN32 directory and "avdlog.dat" in the LIB32 directory. If you have ArcView 3.1, the files will already be present; otherwise, if you have ArcView 3.0a and don't have the Dialog Designer extension, click HERE to download the files.

Profiler allows the user to generate surface profiles along a given route, where the route is a selected polyline in the active theme of a View. It will generate multiple profiles, symbolized according to the grid legends. It will also create one profile symbolized according to another grid (e.g. a slope grid). The extension adds a dialog:

Figure 1

To open the dialog, click on the View with the right mouse button and select "Profiler".

If the map units are defined for the View, a variety of distance units may be selected for the profile. The Z factor sets the number of XY units per Z unit (default 1).

There are three options for symbolizing profile lines:

  1. The "Surface" option symbolizes lines according the the legend of each surface profiled.
  2. The "Monochrome" options draws black lines according to the first N patterns in the Pen Palette. (These patterns may be customized using the Vector Symbol Editor extension.)
  3. The "Another Grid" option may only be used to profile one surface. It is useful for profiling one surface according to another grid theme (slope, vegetation, soil type, etc.).
Two types of output may be generated. The "Simple" profile type creates a view document with scale and axes automatically generated:

Figure 2

The "Plot" profile type creates a layout document with a number of plot options. To bring up the "Plot Options" dialog, click the "Plot Options..." button:

Figure 3

The dialog allows you to set the scale, units, and grid interval of the profile axes. A symbol legend will automatically be created above the profile. Optionally, a plan view of the route will also be created, and stations representing the profile distance grid lines can be plotted using the currently selected marker symbol.