our nation state

I am the fullest member
From the New Year to December
Of Our Nation State which shines above all others
I hail the Land of Liberty
From sea to shining silver sea
And always treat my neighbors as my brothers

I am of the delegation That supports our mighty Nation And in troubled times will never run to hide But instead will arm our boys With the latest lethal toys And then ship them off to stem the Commie Tide

For nothing is more sacred And immune to boorish hatred Than the symbol of our Nation's steadfast pride And when people talk of burning What their fathers' blood was earning To hang the rogues is but the merest chide

Now I pay my glad attention To legitimate dissention For freedom is what makes our country great But should riots fill my yard I'd call the National Guard Just like they did at good ol' Kent State

(Good heavens, must these bodies Clutter up the sidewalk?)

You may think I'm being callous And may sport a hint of malice But to show you that my heart is right in place Here's a humble exposition Of the activist condition As though narrated by someone of that race (to wit:)

I am the very model of a modern major activist I edit for the bulletin and supervise the mailing list At lectures I expostulate the latest information On developments concerning the survival of our nation And at every major gathering I hand out our materials And when at home I always avoid artificial cereals When shopping I religiously inspect all the ingredients -- On Sundays I participate in civil disobedience

I guard the rights of animals and boycott any leather goods I wear a pink triangle and support the brother/sisterhood In short, in matters topical, inclusive and/or feminist I am the very model of a modern major activist

Hooray For U. S. A. And to everything it stands for I'll be true I pledge my full allegiance And unquestioning obedience To the bearers of the Red, White and Blue

Now if you don't understand What the Government has planned Don't worry just be happy -- that's the ticket Be patriotic to the land Give the Senators a hand Or you'll wind up in a bloody sticky wicket

This land was made for you and I A splendid opportunitie To put your youthful energies to good For economy is treasured And your success is measured By your willingness to labor as you should

Yes, it's hip hip hooray For the U. S. of A. And all its banners proudly on display My heart is all a-flutter And my shoulders all a-shudder And I rise up from the gutter Like a heated knife through butter For I am the fullest member of the U. - S. - A.

(You're not amused, are you?)

The Circular File