brother john

or eugene, it may seem
though it may be a fill-in-the-hankering link
for alphonsus gustaphus, the walls of the office
impassioned unrendering mind of the saint
his labia sizzling, with loci drizzling
mingling with bessie and louis restraint
patterns unraveling, words overtraveling
pummeling, trammeling, stamping out fate
achilles' meticulous notions ridiculous
farming while harming the bread of the state

go to the knowingly social precocious the arming of views irregardless of news but the cream of the crop is in knowing to stop while we herald the poorly enforcing gratuitous sorely indigenous culture metroprophylactic psychosis unbiquitous streams, embarcadero of dreams we romp through the woods for digestible goods then burst through our seams, and take two for the lacking of visual cues

The Circular File