Ffred's Manifesto

I prefer a faithful enemy to a faithless ally.

Diplomacy is a fine wine to be savored, not a road to be bulldozed.

Acts of violence always create more problems than they solve.

Any political system that relies on human altruism is doomed to failure. Any political system that serves our natural greed will speed our own deaths.

Strong decisions are bred from selective ignorance.

Religions are tools for coping with reality. So is alcohol. I like religions, but I prefer alcohol.

The human species will eventually die out. Period.

Most likely, we will die in our own shit. We won't be the first to do so, but we will be the first that could have known better. Another species may evolve from us and possibly repeat the cycle. I have no problem with that.


2003-05-29: Accomplishment is 10% rationalism and 90% damage control. Or to put it another way, any system that is to succeed, be it government or corporation or charitable institution, must devote 90% of its infrastructure to dealing with basic human SNAFU; the remaining 10% may genuinely be devoted to accomplishing something. Any attempt to deviate from this statistic will penalize firstly any actual accomplishment.

The Circular File