Wasteland To Come

(a mock hip-hop lyric)

Money is the color of the oil in the ground
While rabid interventionism speeches abound
Blindly we rally to the jingoistic sound
While our ecologic values are twisted around

Oil in the water and smog in the trees
As we cling to our jet skis and our SUVs
Such priorities drive our ideologies
While our TV-driven senses are flapping in the breeze

Bowing to people with pietistic skill
As long as it's "religious" we say it's God's will
We help them grow fat while we eat their swill
And offer thanks to God when they tell us to kill

Blood is the river of a culture based on hate
Egotistic carnivores, we salivate
The harvest of our greed is a purgatory fate
If we fail to see the darkness until it's too late

Murder is theft from the human race
A corpse's liability is something we must face
Everyone has talents that we shouldn't erase
To keep a monoculture from coming into place

Coercion and violence are an insult to us all
Perceptions of arrogant pride before the fall
Breeding resentment and fostering gall
'Til the outrage shoves us up against the wall

Who really benefits from waging war?
The arms manufacturers who mind the store
The miners and drillers and loggers wanting more
And the leaders who feast on our blood and gore

So, blood-hungry war mongers, leave us alone
Sow the seeds of peace, let understanding be grown
Heed the voices of Nature upon this stone
Or the wasteland to come will turn us into bone

The Circular File