Idrisi32 Compatibility Notes

The utilities posted at this web site were designed for use with Idrisi for Windows 2.0 (V2). I have no intention at this time of updating them for Idrisi32. However, since the source code is published for all utilities, users are welcome to create their own updates.

Under certain conditions, many of the utilities may be used with Idrisi32 files. These are documented below.

The following utilities may be used with Idrisi32 images, provided that the ".rst" extension is changed to ".img" and the ".rdc" extension is changed to ".doc":

Note, however, that the RGB8 and RGB24 data formats are not supported. If data type "RGB8" is altered in the documentation file to "byte" then the image will be supported; for use in the the ArcView Idrisi Image Extension you will want to copy COMPOSIT.SMP to match the image name.

The following utilities produce V2 Idrisi files. You may use the Idrisi conversion tools to convert them to Idrisi32 format:

In all cases, long file names may not be supported. The IdrApp class is not at all compatible with Idrisi32.

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