SW Classes

DBFILE.ZIP (5K) -- EZ dBASE file class


This class is an easy-to-use tool for reading and writing dBASE IV files. Includes example scripts.

LINE_PATTERN_EDITOR.MAGIK (7K) -- Line Pattern Editor


This simple addition to the line_style_palette_editor allows the user to create a custom line pattern.

LOADER.MAGIK (5K) -- Save/Load User Settings or Trail

5/14/04: updated for 3.3

This simple but useful utility allows you to write your saved views and object control settings to a file for later restoration, or to import into a different ACE alternative. You can easily modify the file to import into a different ACE as well. Also allows you to save the current trail to a file and restore it.

ORDERED_CHOICE_LISTER.MAGIK (11K) -- Select Ordered List


Allows a user to select objects in a particular order using left and right lists and arrow keys.

RLEDIT.MAGIK (21K) -- RWO List Editor

2/06/04: Fix to deal with various clipboard sources

Provides a multi_list_view for viewing selected rwos or clipboard contents and an edit field for updating one or more records. Requires the sort_menu and ordered_choice_lister classes.

SHAPEFILE.ZIP (15K) -- EZ shapefile class

11/03/04: Example scripts updated for 3.3

This class is an easy-to-use tool for reading and writing ESRI shapefiles. Currently supports types 1 (point), 3 (polyline), and 5 (polygon). Includes example scripts. See also the SHPTOUCH utility under Tools.

SHAPE_EXPORT.MAGIK (23K) -- Shapefile Export Utility

3/25/04: updated for 3.3

Here's an example of using the EZ shapefile class to create a "universal" shapefile export utility for Smallworld. Requires "geom_for_pred.magik" (under "Methods:).

SORT_MENU.MAGIK (11K) -- Select Sort Fields


Sort of a cross between report_default_fields_menu and report_sorter_menu, this menu allows the user to pick multiple sort fields in ascending or descending order, and optionally summary fields.

TIMER.MAGIK (3K) -- Timed Event Handler


Here's a simple class that allows you to set up processes to take place every certain number of seconds. Easy to start and stop, with very small footprint on CPU and moderate (~ 300K) memory footprint. See the update alert handler below for an example of its use.

TRANSFER.MAGIK (6K) -- Copy/Paste Attributes


Copy and paste object visible attributes.

UNIQUE_CHOICE_LISTER.MAGIK (1K) -- unique_choice_lister class


Inheriting from the choice_lister class, the unique_choice_lister populates the choice list with unique values for a given field. Click HERE for an example of modifying the collection browser's type_prompter to use the unique_choice_lister!

UPDATE_ALERT.MAGIK (3.5K) -- Update Alert Handler


Sets up a periodic event to notify the user if a rollforward or merge should be performed. Requires the timed_event class (above).

UPDATE_CB.MAGIK (13K) -- Bulk Update Clipboard

4/28/04: Updated for 3.3, list_view behavior fixed

Perform bulk update on clipboard contents.

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