SW Methods

ALIGN.MAGIK (2K) -- graphics_system.align_current_set(_optional mode)


Aligns selected geometries based on bounds. MODE can be :horiz_left (default), :horiz_centre, :horiz_right, :vert_top, :vert_centre, or :vert_bottom.

CB2EXCEL.MAGIK (7K) -- collection_browser export to Excel

07/29/02: Option added to export only current table

Adds an "Export to Excel" entry in the collection_browser extras.

CBFREQ.MAGIK (9K) -- collection_browser generate frequency table

2/6/04: Updated for 3.3 Adds an entry in the collection_browser extras to generate a frequency table from current contents, sending tab delimited output to a report menu, suitable for export to Excel. Requires the sort_menu class.

GEOM_FOR_PRED.MAGIK (2K) -- create geometry for spatial predicates


Created for SW 3.3: These methods deal with the fact that the user-friendly folks at Smallworld, in their infinite wisdom, have changed the nature of spatial predicates so that a trail or sector_rope is always considered a line and bombs out the predicate if it is a point. This is indeed a buggered-up situation that makes a bloody lot of work for the rest of us.

GRS_COLOUR.MAGIK (1K) -- set display color


Allows the user to set the background color of the graphics_system window(s).

ITEMS.MAGIK (4K) -- dd_record_and_collection_mixin item methods


Method enums() lists visible enumerated fields, print widths, and values. Method items() is similar to describe_fields(), save that only visible fields are displayed. Click HERE for an example of using the items_on() method.

TOKENS.MAGIK (1K) -- char16_vector.as_tokens(delim_string)


Returns a simple_vector of char16_vectors parsed according to the characters in DELIM_STRING. For example, "..a.b c!d".as_tokens(" !.") will return {"a","b","c","d"}.

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