AV3.x Layout Utilities

Items marked with Stuff! are available in the Stuff! extension.

LEGEND.TXT (4.0K) -- Set Text Size of Legend PaneStuff!


It's back! Turns out that 3.1 didn't really fix that bug after all. Here's a script that allows you to set the text size of a legend frame, and it will stay that way when you save and reload the project. The trick? It actually resets the bounds of the LegendFrame until the resulting text size converges on the desired value.

SCALEBAR.TXT (4.9K) -- Point-and-Click Scalebar Stuff!

10/24/96: Script and instructions updated for 3.0

Are you tired of scalebars that argue with you? This one won't. Just select a View Frame, pick the Scalebar tool, point to where you want it, and click. You can set any units and intervals you want, without struggle, and now it really will stay that way (interval set to permanent)! Text file contains Avenue code and instructions.

PUTTEXT.TXT (2.6K) -- Layout Textfile Tool Stuff!

10/24/96: Instructions updated for 3.0

Places a text file in a layout as a graphic text object.

VF_CROPPER.ZIP (3.1K) -- ViewFrame Cropper Extension

11/23/99: Updated for Version 3.2

Simplifies a ViewFrame and crops the resulting graphics and text to a specified polygon, circle, or rect. Optionally rotates before cropping. See the README.TXT file for notes, limitations, and tips. For the older version compatible with 3.0/3.1, see the "Oldies" page.

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