AV3.x Table Utilities

DUP.ZIP (3.3K) -- Tags Duplicate Records

4/20/99: Uses improved QSort

Searches for duplicate records in a Table document based on user specified field(s). Either selects the duplicates or adds and calculates an identifier item. Also works on Shape fields! Click HERE for a version of "dup.ave" that uses 3.2's VTabSort class, which is more appropriate for large recordsets but will not support shapes.

FREQ.ZIP (5.0K) -- Generates Frequency Table

4/20/99: Uses improved QSort

This script emulates ARC/INFO's FREQUENCY command. It generates a frequency table containing unique values of a field (or unique value combinations of more than one field) along with optional summary fields. Also, a case item may be added to the original table, allowing the frequency table to be joined to it. "Freq.ave" is designed to be called from another script: a sample front end script ("freqdlg.ave") is also included.

Note: The AV 3.1 report generator can create crosstab reports!

MOD.AVE (4.2K) -- Renames or Modifies Fields


You can't directly modify fields in ArcView, but this script works around that by creating a new table and copying over the values. Allows you to rename fields, redefine them (e.g. change width or precision), and convert CHAR fields to DECIMAL and vice versa. The old .DBF file is given a .BAK extension and the table document recreated for the new file. Not recommended for use on Table documents created using FTheme.EditTable.

SORTTAB.ZIP (2.6K) -- Sort on Multiple Columns

11/10/99: Updated for Version 3.2, export option added

Sorts a Table document by one or more columns, using 3.2's new VTabSort class. Each column may be sorted in ascending or descending order. If the sorted table is not to be exported to a new file, the underlying VTab must be editable because the script adds a temporary sort field. For the older version compatible with 3.0/3.1, see the "Oldies" page.

TMPFIELD.AVE (1.1K) -- Returns a Temporary Field Name


Returns a string corresponding to a unique temporary field name. For an example of its use, see SortTab above.

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