AV3.x Graphics Utilities

Items marked with Stuff! are available in the Stuff! extension.

ARROW.ZIP (2.4K) -- Arrowhead Button Stuff!

8/4/98: Rasterfill no longer needs to be selected in palette

This button automatically adds a pretty nice arrowhead polygon to a selected line or polyline (sorry, only one style available). Works in both layouts and views. Includes code, instructions, and icon.

STIPPLER.ZIP (3.7K) -- Stippled Symbol Editor Extension

8/28/98 Updated to work in ArcView 3.1 (it still works OK in 3.0a).

Allows you to create or edit a stipple-based RasterFill or BasicMarker. For documentation, click HERE.

Note: AV 3.1 RasterFills now support larger than 8x8 stipples!

VEDIT.ZIP (12K) -- Vector Symbol Editor Extension

12/22/99: Updated for ArcView 3.2.

Allows you to edit a pen, vector fill, or vector marker or add a new one. Useful for reducing the pen thickness of existing fills. You can also create and edit composite symbols (e.g. "railroad" lines). Supports multiple color locking. Also has controls to delete, purge, or rearrange symbols in palettes. For documentation, click HERE. For the older version compatible with 3.0/3.1, see the "Oldies" page.

WARNING: ArcView 3.1 will not properly handle hairline vectorfills. Version 3.2 fixes that bug, but still does not properly handle dot fills with a smaller pen size than height (e.g. to create hollow dots) unless the pen size is 0.

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