AV3.x View Utilities

Note: Unless otherwise specified, any vector utilities presented here are not designed to be used in projected views. Personally, I object to maintaining data in lat/long, for two reasons:

  1. ArcView does not inherently support datum transformation
  2. Too many lat/long datasets do not document their datums
Items marked with Stuff! are available in the Stuff! extension.

AVIDRIS.ZIP (42.7K) -- Idrisi image extension for AV3.1

11/24/98 bugfix: all 786 bytes of .SMP files read (rather than 768)

At last! Those of us who choose Idrisi as a lower-cost alternative to the Spatial/Image Analyst extensions may display and print those images directly in ArcView! For documentation, click HERE. Click HERE for notes on Idrisi32 compatibility.

COPYV.ZIP (1.8K) -- View Position Copy/Paste Button Stuff!

10/24/96: Instructions updated for 3.0

Uses the clipboard to copy the extent and scale from one view to another, facilitating the creation of multiple views at the same exact position. Requires map units to be defined. Includes instructions and icon.

EDTOOLS.ZIP (65.0K) -- A set of tools for editing features

11/23/99 Updated for Version 3.2.

This extension brings together and adds a number of useful functions. Many functions may be applied to a duplicate feature: e.g. offsetting a duplicate is equivalent to AutoCAD's "Copy Offset" function. More features may be added in the future. For documentation, click HERE.

GEOREF3.ZIP (2.3K) -- Image Georeferencing Tool, Version 3 Stuff!

10/24/96: Easier to install, uses object tag instead of global variable to store coordinate. Script and instructions revised for 3.0.

Allows you to zoom in and collect two separate points to georeference your image theme. This tool cannot be used to rotate or warp images. Includes icon.

[Would you rather read coordinates from a file than enter them in a dialog box? Here's how.]

10/28/96 NOTE: Once an image is registered, you can copy it like any other theme and paste it into another view. There's no real need to create a world file, unless you plan to read the image into another application. For a script to create a world file from a selected, georeferenced image theme, click here. (For 8.3 compliance, click here.)

AV2.1 users: be sure to replace any "GetImgSrc" statements with "GetISrc" -- if/when you upgrade to 3.0 you will need to change them back again.

LEGENDTEXTITEM.TXT (3.9K) -- Legend Text Item Script Stuff!


Here's a script that allows you to to pick a descriptive field to populate the "Label" entries of a legend. Works for joined (lookup table) items too! If a one-to-many relationship exists between the value field and the label field, the first value encountered will be used.

MASK.ZIP (2.0K) -- View Mask Button Stuff!

10/24/96: Instructions updated for 3.0

Masks a view to a selected polygon feature. Includes icon.

PROFILER.ZIP (10.6K) -- Profiler extension version 1

6/8/98: Minor cosmetic fix.

This profiler (based on the sample visibility tools) adds a number of options, including multiple surface support, symbolization by grid legends, and layout creation including a plan view. Requires the Spatial Analyst extension. For documentation, click HERE.

RANDOM_P.AVE (3.9K) -- Random Points within Polygon

3/3/97: Improved randomization code, and "Stop" button added.

Generates a point theme containing random points within a region defined by a selected polygon feature in the active feature theme.

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